We’re still a few weeks away from the full launch of Star Wars Battlefront, but DICE and EA are already in full “launch trailer” mode. I wonder how many of these we are going to see in the next few weeks. Well, keep them rolling for all I care. This game looks sweet!

This latest “Gameplay launch trailer” focuses on exactly what its title implies. Much of what we see is through the eyes of a random Rebel soldier who is just playing out his role as a pawn in some of Star Wars’ most iconic battles. Hoth and Endor explode to full life in this trailer, and we also witness some battles that didn’t happen on the big screen… like the one that happens at Uncle Owen and Aunt Baru’s house?

Why would the Imperials need to hold that position?

Every so often, the trailer takes a break from the action to give a little screen time to some heroes. Princess Leia has a brief duel with Boba Fett before her shield nearly sends him whizzing once again into the Sarlacc Pit’s mouth. The Fett Man gets a bit cheeky as he recovers and glides over it, claiming that “That won’t happen again.”

Darth Vader also shows up at the Rebel base on Hoth and slices everything in his path, but it is Han Solo who leaps into frame to save the day. I think we all know who would win this fight had it been canonical, but the trailer stops before Han gets chopped in half.

It’s an explosively exciting trailer, and once the main Star Wars theme kicks in, it gets me pumped to play. Three weeks to go and counting! Star Wars Battlefront launches for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on Nov. 17.

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