Battlefront lacks some of the features fans expect from a Battlefield game. This, according to DICE general manager Patrick Bach, was intentional. In a recent interview with The Guardian, he spoke about the game, addressing some fan fears.

“We have a strong legacy with Battlefield,” he said, “but we did not want this to be a Battlefield game – we wanted it to have a heart and soul of its own. We came at it from a very different angle.”

While there’s a crossover between the two games’ audiences, it’s essentially a different audience, he said, and the game was built to stand on its own rather than as a tweaked version of Battlefield.

“We’ve received criticism both for not being enough like Battlefield and for being too much like Battlefield,” Bach added.

Bach also answered to a couple other questions – why no standard campaign? Why only the original trilogy?

Rather than going for an epic campaign, the team wants to make something much more replayable, something you can go back to over and over. Secondary objectives, unlocks, ranking up and leaderboards give you different ways to play the single player mode that a campaign doesn’t offer.

As for a focus on the original trilogy, Bach points out that “you can mix characters, vehicles, and maps in almost any way without completely breaking the logic of the universe.” Darth Vader, Luke, and X-Wings are all ubiquitous to the original trilogy but totally out of place in the prequels, and while a particular outfit might be out of sync, the character’s appearance in that environment isn’t totally nuts.

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