Gather round, fellow Star Wars nerds and gamers, EA and DICE have officially revealed the first full trailer for Star Wars: Battlefront. You’ll find it sitting directly above.

In addition to the new trailer you see above, a few snippets have come from other sites regarding specific game stuff.

First, matches will cap at 40 players. That means you’ll be battling in 20 vs 20 scenarios across a host of locales. We also know there won’t be a traditional campaign in this game, unfortunately, and we won’t have any space battles. Both of those beats are a bit lame, especially the latter, but what we’ve seen so far looks fantastic.

Including this pile of high resolution screenshots from earlier this morning.

We’ll have more on Star Wars: Battlefront as it comes. Currently, the game is due out at the end of this year for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. It’s coming on November 17, 2015.