EA’s announced a fresh patch for Star Wars Battlefront that’s set to tweak and add a whole slew of free content.

You can read all of the stat changes in the source link below. There’s stuff as specific as increasing the A-Wing’s hit box size, tweaking movement speed while aiming the Pulse Rifle and lowering pre-round timers in multiplayer.

There are also two big new additions. First, and this is the one I’m excited to try, the settings menu is getting a Film Grain slider that can add or remove film grain. I want my Battlefront to look like classic Star Wars sometimes, and this will help with that.

Second, players are also getting a new free map called Twilight on Hoth. It’s playable in Walker Assault, Supremacy, Turning Point, Blast, Fighter Squadron, Drop Zone and Heroes vs. Villains. That’s everything, isn’t it?

New maps, new settings and a whole pile of tweaks. I’ll take it. This patch will hit this month on the PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.