Han Solo

The Star Wars Battlefront open beta period ended on Wednesday after being extend for some more extreme testing. If you own a PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC, you had a few days to check it out.

I assume you probably did, too. More than 9,000,000 players tried the game, myself among them.

Reaction from the beta for those vocal on game sites, YouTube, Twitter, forums and Facebook ranged from extreme excitement to complete disappointment. We’re looking to see where you fall on that spectrum.

So, we pose a question to you in the form of a poll. Now that the Star Wars Battlefront beta has wrapped up, are you more or less likely to buy the game?

After you answer the poll, pop down into the comments to discuss your choice and the results. If you’re still looking to buy the game, Star Wars Battlefront launches on Nov. 17, 2015 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC platforms.

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