Star Wars Battlefront may not have a single player campaign, but there are a ton of different ways to play it – three more were announced this week: Heroes vs. Villains, Battles and Training Missions.

Heroes vs. Villains is a 6-v-6 mode that pits three heroes and three Rebel troops against three villains and three Imperial troops. The battles are meant, says EA, to be short and intense. When one of the hero or villain characters dies, they’ll respawn as a soldier to backup the remaining heroes/villains. After three rounds, the team with the most heroes or villains wins.

In Battles, you can play against another player or against AI. When playing against the computer, you’ll play against a team of enemies. If you’re playing against another player, it can be one on one or against one player and a team of computer-controlled characters. The goal is to reach 100 points. Alternately, you can play Hero Battles and select from characters like Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader. The goal of this, according DICE level designer Jim Fagerlund, was to give players a way to battle directly against each other rather than on huge teams. Sometimes you want to just show your buddy how the loud end of a blaster feels, I guess.

Training missions are pretty straight forward. These missions are designed to let you get a feel for how all the game’s different moving parts work. One of the most frustrating parts of Battlefield games has traditionally been jumping into that long-awaited vehicle only to be destroyed immediately by a more experienced player or, worse, go sideways all on your own. Training missions can be played alone or co-op, online or split-screen, and will let you practice things like shooting down TIE fighters with an X-Wing, flying a Snowspeeder on Hoth, or learning a hero character’s special abilities. Along with just getting used to the mechanics, this sounds like a great way to recreate some awesome Star Wars moments without being interrupted by an overzealous Stormtrooper.

Here’s the full list of modes announced so far:

  • Walker Assault
  • Fighter Squadron
  • Supremacy
  • Cargo
  • Droid Run
  • Blast
  • Drop Zone
  • Heroes vs. Villains
  • Hero Hunt
  • Training Missions
  • Battles (including Hero Battles)

This abundance of modes could be the game’s biggest strength or its biggest weakness (alongside its $50 season pass). A multiplayer game thrives on having a big, active community, and splitting it up across too many modes and too many maps can make it hard to find a game after the initial release period passes. We’ll find out if Star Wars Battlefront has the stamina to withstand those dangers after it releases for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on Nov. 17.

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