Many in the gaming community continue to debate the critical legacy of Star Wars Battlefront, but very little can be argued against its financial success. There isn’t a whole lot of leeway to say that 14 million is a disappointment, especially when it exceeds the goals set by its publisher.

In its financial report for the year, EA sums up the success of Star Wars Battlefront, stating that it sold 14 million copies to retailers since launch. The figure doesn’t account for direct sales to gamers, but even when put next to an original forecast of 10 million copies, that doesn’ look like a bad figure.

Nor is this the last we will be seeing of Star Wars Battlefront, either. In the same financial report, EA committed itself to producing a sequel, and we’re still due for a second coming of the original game with a launch on PlayStation VR on an unspecified date.

Overall, EA pulled in an amazing $4.4 billion.