With production of Star Wars: The Force Awakens seemingly coming to a close, it looks like Lucasfilm is already moving on to its next property. A handful of photos have surfaced from the Rogue One set, which appear to show off the throwback Stormtrooper look of years past (from the Galactic Empire, not the new First Order).

There isn’t much context attached to the photos, so we’re not really sure what’s taking place. They’re a little amusing because it looks like the images were shot from high above, perhaps using a drone. Apparently the landers being used in The Force Awakens were repurposed with a fresh coat of gray paint, perhaps confirming these are shots from the Rogue One set—at least that’s what Making Star Wars says.

Our only concern with these photos is the location. The tropical beach setting isn’t your average Star Wars set, which means there’s a chance that whatever’s being filmed, it could be for EA’s upcoming Battlefront multiplayer game, which is set to hit consoles in November. Or maybe there’s just a scene in Rogue One where Vader sends some of his favorite Stormtroopers on vacation.

Check out the photos above and see what you can make of them.