Star Wars: A New Hope is a classic, a piece of American history that should be considered a national treasure. But not even George Lucas' epic space opera is safe from the biting criticism of Screen Junkies. Oh, you thought the fight between Darth Vader and Obi Wan was an exhilarating battle of athleticism and skill? No, it wasn't.

"The lightsaber battle where two old geezers gently poke at each other," Screen Junkies says. That description couldn't be more accurate. That ineptitude can't be unseen once it infiltrates your brain, so if you really don't want your childhood memories of Star Wars tarnished, I'd recommend not watching this "Honest Trailer."

If you want a good laugh, however, you should definitely check it out. Screen Junkies mostly pokes fun at George Lucas and how he tinkered with the original trilogy once it was re-released and "remastered," but there are still some pretty great criticisms thrown at the plot, characters and other shortcomings, such as the utter (and unforgivable) lack of female characters, or how Luke Skywalker is just a childish brat.

Oh, and I hope you don't have a high opinion of Darth Vader, because his voice without being dubbed over sounds like someone playing dress up, not a frightening Sith Lord intent on taking over the galaxy.

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens now just a month away, the timing if Screen Junkies' honest trailer is perfect, hilarious, and completely rips the classic film apart.