Star Wars 1313 Boba Fett (2)

We were blown away by Star Wars 1313 upon seeing it at E3 last year. It seemed like a great idea to have a Star Wars game not focus on being a Jedi and not focus on being any other characters from the movie. An original down and gritty story about a side of the universe we never see.

It was a huge jump for Star Wars, which is overly known for churning out original ideas that often.

Apparently that was not the case afterall. Kotaku has a “reliable source” that claims just before E3, George Lucas told the development team to change the focus to Boba Fett. Lucas obviously felt the character recognition could boost the profits of the game.

The source also provided two pieces of concept art from the game, one of which Boba Fett is kneeling over rival bounty hunter Bossk in a similar dark Coruscant setting already advertised for the game. The other is on Kotaku.

Doesn’t matter now, since its production has been halted after Disney scrapped LucasArts earlier this week. Just one of those things where you wonder what might have been.

I’d be torn between wanting to play a legitimate Boba Fett game knowing that it was at the sacrifice of an original idea from the universe. After the recent string of Star Wars games from LucasArts, I wonder if they could even pull it off.