Boba Fett 1313

Star Wars 1313 was one of the more exciting video games aimed for next-generation consoles before Disney pulled the plug on it after acquiring LucasFilm last October. The news of its cancellation stung, but our hearts were only more broken after learning it was supposed to be a Boba Fett game.

IGN sat down with a 15 minute demo of the unfinished game and has its impressions available at its website. More interestingly, LucasArts provided a batch of concept art pieces showing off a side of Star Wars not often seen, the wretched hives of scum and villainy. No noble Jedi or any signs of the Force here. This is Star Wars down and dirty.

My general dislike of origin stories aside, this could have been one interesting game. Boba Fett's journey starts when he is young and stranded on Tatooine because what Star Wars hero doesn't start his journey on Tatooine? He has not yet obtained his iconic Mandalore armor or jet pack yet, but over the course of the game, Lucasarts insisted he would put it together piece by piece.

Much of the game had Boba Fett chasing down bounties until stumbling into Coruscant 1313, a slum district. He chases a Trandoshan through store fronts and a butcher shop who serves Tauntaun, and eventually stumbles across a crime syndicate who uses the snowy beasts to smuggle spices throughout the galaxy.

Not only Boba Fett, but much of the focus for Star Wars 1313 was also on huge action set pieces, like the ones poor Nathan Drake had to contend with in the Uncharted games. The demo saw Fett clinging to a giant drainage ditch not so far removed from the iconic deadly train accident in Uncharted 2's opening scene.

But alas, the game was never meant to be. Perhaps the story ran too far from the canon Disney had planned in the rumored upcoming Boba Fett spin-off movies. Whatever the case is, head on over to IGN and check out more concept art