Star Wars 1313 - 1

Star Wars 1313 was the surprise reveal for last year's E3 from LucasArts. This third person action title was in pre-production back then, but it was something that nearly every facet of Lucas' production companies were working on.

Back when Disney acquired the Lucas brand, everything LucasArts was working on went with it. A new rumor has sprung up that suggests that the development for Star Wars 1313 has been put on hold.

Kotaku has it from sources within the LucasArts/LucasFilm family that Star Wars 1313 has been put on hold as a result of reorganized gaming departments. Disney, Kotaku notes, doesn't want anything being worked on that isn't directly tied to the upcoming trilogy.

I actually had the opportunity to sit in on the Star Wars 1313 demo during last year's E3. I walked out of it convinced I'd seen one of the best Star Wars gaming concepts to hit development in a long, long time.

You can read my preview from back then. In a few words, though, it was like the marriage of Star Wars and Uncharted. It was glorious.

The whole idea that development of the title has been temporarily shelved is not a good one. This game had a ton of potential. Hopefully, Disney will see the value of the property and put LucasArts' developers back to work.