Star Wars 1313 could have been exactly what the franchise needed in the gaming arena. This dark and mysterious third person effort was set to feature the underbelly of the Star Wars universe and, of course, Boba Fett.

Until earlier this year when Disney bought LucasArts and LucasFilm and shuttered the gaming department. Star Wars 1313 is no longer being developed, and that came straight from several sources at the company.

New concept art has been revealed for the game that never was. It’s glorious, and it makes us super sad. This game really could have been something special, and it’s a darn shame to see the effort go to waste. I walked out of an E3 demo for the product a year or so ago, and I was completely floored by how sweet it looked.

All of the work bears the signature of Gustavo H. Mendonca, apparently one of the concept artists doing work for the project before production ended.

I wish this game was still a thing. Even if Disney has to shop it around to a capable studio, I’d love to see it made.