Square Enix will release the enhanced PlayStation 4 version of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time next week on May 23. This digital-exclusive version of the PlayStation 2 JRPG comes with trophy support and the usual upgrades that PS2 Classics get when they make the leap to this generation.

Except this one costs $20.99. Gotta pay that Square Enix tax.

Going to give a huge "meh" to this one

I'm not a big fan of this game, but I know plenty of gamers out there are. For my part, it's not only the game that turned me off of the series, but it also turned me off in general to PS2 JRPGs for a few years. Here we have a prime example of developers running amok with the new storage capacity of DVDs, creating a huge world with excess space and not a lot of interaction with the environment around.

As with most Star Ocean games, the combat is the core part of the experience, but this one has a weird, fatal mistake where using your special abilities too much drains your life and kills you. Half of the fun of Star Ocean games is to spam these special attacks since they evolve and increase in power through constant usage. Punishing you for spamming attacks sort of defeats the whole reason of why Star Ocean: The Second Story is so much fun.

It does have its decent points like a pretty chill sci-fi story tucked underneath, but I don't think it's worth slogging through a 45 hour game for.

Check it out if you want, but the only reason I could ever see myself buying this is to convince Square Enix to release the Star Ocean: Second Evolution PlayStation 4 and PS Vita ports that never came to North America. If you want a strong look into why this series has any standing in the English-speaking world, that is the game you should be playing.