Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness’ cast of misfit heroes has been slowly coming together, and now the band is presumably all here. Seven stereotypical JRPG faces grace all of the promotional art to date, and the final two have been introduced to us by tri-Ace.

Junichi is the old man of the group at the ripe age of 41. I mean, that’s practically ancient in JRPG years. He also acts like the seedy old man character you expect in his role. He loves alcohol, loves to womanize, puts on a mean face when things don’t go his way, but of course, deep down inside, he’s a caring old soul who is always fair. He wields a crossbow in battle, and he is unable to use magic. All of his abilities and special attacks rely on range.

His official description from tri-Ace also says he’s “dressed like a medicine salesman,” but I think that one goes a little over my head.

The last of the characters is named Ayumi, sticking with the Japanese nomenclature I guess. As you can probably guess from her clothing, she is a bit of a rogue and travels all over the globe. She is a bit blunt in her ability to criticize others, but as with all JRPG prototype characters, she is a good and kind person who just hides it all up. I mean, that sounds just like the guy I wrote about two minutes ago!

Ayumi uses melee attacks in battle, meaning she punches monsters in the face, and her abilities can be backed with the element of fire.

In addition to the two new characters, Square Enix also provided more of a look into Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithessness’ grand RPG world with some new screenshots. I’ve already soaked up so much of it that I can practically see the entire game in the my head! It’s predictable and safe, but that’s okay. I don’t get the feeling that this new Star Ocean is going to break any fresh ground, but it is swelling with that old-school charm that seems to have been lost on the JRPG scene in recent years.

I’m playing through Tales of Zestiria now, and it is in a similar boat. You have no idea how much that heyday JRPG spirit and grand adventure on modern day consoles feels like such a breath of fresh air. I think things are looking up in the coming years for the genre, and I can feel the cynicism of depressing fantasy and violent shooters just lifting off my chest each step I take into it.

It’s time for RPGs to be fun again, and I can’t wait!

Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness will launch for the PlayStation 4 in 2016. The PlayStation 3 version will be a Japan exclusive.