Following through on the plans it announced at Tokyo Game Show 2015, Square Enix has announced that it will be bringing an enhanced port of Star Ocean: Second Evolution to the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita this month… in Japan.

The added features to this new version will include a brand new theme song sung by Rina Eri, trophy support, boosted visuals and musical quality, and DLC support. I have no idea how Square Enix plans to jam DLC into this beloved classic, so I am waiting to be impressed. Just as long as nothing is withheld, I'll be fine with it simply existing.

Of course, we need to wait for that all important English localization announcement before that even matters in the first place. Star Ocean: Second Evolution is the PSP port of the PSOne classic, Star Ocean: The Second Story. I am well versed in the original version, but I have never had the chance to play the PSP one. Square Enix has never made it made available digitally through PSN, and I'm not going to buy a UMD for my battery-fried PSP in 2015.

Just not going to happen.

Let's all hope for the best. It's a wonderful game that deserves a new and wider audience. The PlayStation 4 and PS Vita would make the perfect launch pad to do that with. And the more people who love it, the number of people who will become interested in Star Ocean: Integrity an Faithlessness should climb as well.

Win win for everyone involved, right Square Enix? Save us the suspense, please and just tell us "yes" or "no."