I can still remember myself sitting down and enjoying the Nintendo 64 for the first time as a young kid. 1996, Super Mario 64, Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire, my life about to further tumble down the ruinous path of video gaming it currently finds itself in. While the console never became a long-term fixture of my gaming habits, I have a lot of nostalgia for the games released within that first year.

Ever since 1997, Star Fox 64 always has been my favorite. 19-years is a long time to wait for a proper follow-up, but here we are, we are mere days away from finally getting one.

Watching this launch trailer puts me back in the mood of 11-year-old Ron, just starting to grasp the ideas of 3D space in video games and marveling at the insane explosions caused by Star Fox 64’s bombs. Star Fox Zero obviously has all of these pieces and more to get the series back on track, and now it’s all a matter of getting it to come together.

Everyone I’ve talked to says the dual-screen controls are off-putting at times, but with the right amount of effort, they can be enjoyable as they slowly become second nature. It’s almost like learning a whole new way to play video games, which was exactly what we were being trained to do when Star Fox 64 came out as well.

Tough rationalization, but the point is, I’ve waiting 19-years to enjoy this game’s launch, and there isn’t anything going to slow me down now. Star Fox Zero launches for the Wii tomorrow, April 22.