Oh my lucky stars! Nintendo has announced plans to air a Star Fox anime in preparation for the upcoming release of Star Fox Zero. Starting at 3PM PT / 6PM EST tomorrow, April 20, on Nintendo’s official website, you’ll be able to catch up with Fox and the gang in a high-flying short film titled Star Fox Zero: The Battle Begins.

Shigeru Miyamoto is apparently all in on the rejuvenation of this long-wayward franchise, and he and his team at Nintendo have joined up Production I.G. and WIT Studios to make the animated feature. So far, Nintendo has only teased us with a trailer, providing us a look into the action that is to come.

Following the show, Nintendo Treehouse will hold a round-table discussion on the anime and the game.

And the very next day, you’ll be able to finally buy Star Fox Zero when it launches for the Wii U on April 21. If you buy the game, don’t forget to download your free copy of Star Fox Guard that comes along with it. Because nothing screams “tower-defense” like the Star Fox franchise, does it?