Star Fox U

Last year at E3, we were only teased with Nintendo’s latest outing with the Star Fox franchise. Creative Lead Shigeru Miyamoto brought along a very rough prototype of what he had in mind, a flight action game with two screens. The Wii U GamePad would act as the viewpoint from the cockpit, and the television screen would bring a more traditional third-person view of Fox’s Arwing.

Of course, this was just a teaser and nobody got the chance to go hands-on with the new Star Fox, but all that will be different at E3 in 2015. In an interview with YouTube channel Smosh Games, the legendary game developer confirmed that a hands-on demo of the game will be playable this year.

“We’ll have a version of it ready at E3 that everyone can play.”

He also complimented how well the GamePad works, stating “One of the questions that we often get is ‘How is the GamePad being used in any particular game?’

Star Fox is a game where having two screens is really important and it works really well.”

Star Fox is definitely one of Nintendo’s most inconsistent and mysterious franchises. It’s generally accepted that the peak of the series can be found in the first two games on the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64. Since then though, the last three have been tossed around to different developers like Rare, Namco, and Q-Games with varying levels of quality.

This Wii U version is the first that Shigeru Miyamoto has had direct hands-on work with since Star Fox 64, hinting to me that this could be the first game to take the franchise back to the quality we’ve been expecting since 1996.

Since I am trapped on the other side of a very large pond and can’t go to E3, I will leave it in Joey’s and Eric’s perfectly capable hands to give you impressions on the demo. I’ll be looking forward to it alongside the rest of you. No dinosaurs, please!