After twenty years of waiting, Nintendo fans are finally seeing an official release of Star Fox 2 thanks to the Super Nintendo Classic Edition. Many had written off ever getting this game and deemed it a lost cause a long time ago. Nintendo, never one to just drop these random surprises on an unsuspecting fanbase, shocked the world with a fan-favorite surprise that is sure to score it a few reputation points!

With promises of Star Fox 2 this September, if you’re lucky enough to get the SNES Classic Edition of course, our minds move onto the next plausible miracle. It is one that isn’t quite as old, but it is still getting up there: Nintendo and the epic quest to get Mother 3 in the English-speaking world.

Finally securing an English release of Shigesato Itoi’s long lost sequel has become just as demanding, if not more so, than scoring a digital release of its beloved predecessor, Earthbound. Rumors are swirling around that Nintendo will finally cave in if Virtual Console on the Switch includes Game Boy Advance games, but I’ve learned to stop trusting such rumors. Not until The Big N says so will I ever believe anything regarding Earthbound or Mother ever again.

And when we finally do get to play it in English, I promise that the wait will be worth it. I’ve played the fan-translation, and it’s one of the best JRPGs ever made. Yes, it’s better than Earthbound.

I’m not one to make demands of game developers and tell them that they have to make “X sequel” or “Y remake” and it must have “Z style gameplay.” Those crazies who rabidly froth at the idea of a Chrono Trigger HD remasters and demand countless dollars be spent to improve a game that’s already perfect should just be happy that such a masterpiece is relatively available at all.

I’ve come to realize over my years that I am little more than a fan and a consumer, and as a good fan and consumer, my list of demands never extends beyond what has already been made. If a publisher makes a game, their fans should have the right to play it. Simple as that.

Certain publishers sometimes reply with irksome taunts, blank stares, incredulity, or just astonished silence whenever they are asked if a certain game or sequel is ever going to leave Japan.

This isn’t the 90s anymore. The internet exists, and the information is no longer controlled by the flow of gaming publishers. Bask in the positive praise you’re getting for Star Fox 2, Nintendo and then, knock out another longstanding demand from your fans. This perpetual nagging nightmare could come to a close whenever you want it to.

And after that, please don’t make Virtual Console on the Switch suck. Thank you.