Star Citizen might not be finished, but the dogfighting module, Arena Commander, will be ready to play on May 29.

Everyone who has backed the game will have access to two single player modes – Free Flight and Vanduul Swarm. A small group of multiplayer testers will also get access to the multiplayer modes at this point, though creator Chris Roberts writes that the team plans to "scale up the multiplayer as quickly as possible starting on that date," increasing the number of players as they're able to ensure stability.

Star Citizen has collected over $43 million in crowd-sourced funding so far, so the launch of Arena Commander is going to be huge. Expect some launch day problems. Roberts also outlines the production process leading up to the May 29th date, carefully hedging against potential delays by explaining the complexity of game creation.

"This is why we haven't had a solid release date yet; it's not to better schedule marketing or because we want to keep you out of the cockpit… it's because game development is a complex beast," he says.

Polygon notes that Arena Commander has more features on the way, including larger ships, cooperative AI, and in-game communication.