Holy smokes. $100 million. That’s how much money Star Citizen has pulled in via crowd funding since its initial campaign in October 2012.

The massive space sim, set to have modules for everything from dog fighting to first person shooting as well as a single player, star-studded campaign, has been consistently pulling in funds since it started. After just over a year, the game had pulled in $35 million, and a year later the project was just under $70 million. With the game now right around $100 million thanks to sales of virtual ships and other game content, it’s been surprisingly consistent at how fast it has accumulated cash.

Star Citizen is the most successful crowd-funded anything ever at this point, though it’s also under immense pressure to perform to those expectations as well.

For comparison, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which had a budget of $81 million according to developer CD Projekt Red, and that was corporately funded.

Because the game is coming out piecemeal with beta tests and module releases, it’s hard to say when the full package will actually come out. It’s extraordinarily ambitious. Developer Cloud Imperium released a new trailer a couple weeks ago, shown below, depicting a character seamlessly jumping into a ship, getting out and shooting, and more.