Staples store front

Staples confirmed in October that it was investigating a possible cyber attack on its retail stores in the United States. The news followed major attacks on other U.S. businesses including Home Depot, Neiman Marcus and Target, among others. Now, Staples has confirmed that at estimated 1.16 million credit cards may have been affected during several attacks that occurred this summer and early this fall.

Staples said recently that 115 of its U.S. retail locations, out of more than 1,400 total in the U.S., were attacked using malware that provided hackers with names, credit and debit card numbers, expiration dates and verification codes. 113 stores were attacked between Aug. 10 and Sept. 16, Staples said, while two additional ones were infected with malware between July 20 and Sept. 16. Fraudulent cards were used in four stores in Manhattan, New York, Staples said, but wasn’t able to find any malware on its systems in those locations.

“Staples is offering free identity protection services, including credit monitoring, identity theft insurance, and a free credit report, to customers who used a payment card at any of the affected stores during the relevant time periods,” the company said recently. If you think you may have been affected, you should check if your local store was attacked, and you can do so by visiting this website. For information on signing up for Staples’ identity protection services, visit this site.