From where I’m standing, the premise of Comedy Night sounds like raw nightmare fuel. You have to get up in front of a virtual audience and do a routine. They can boo, vote you off, heckle or, I don’t know, laugh and love you.

Terrifying, right?

But, for anyone who’s ever wanted to try their hand at standup comedy, Comedy Night sounds like it could be that opportunity. It’s bound for Steam this month, though it doesn’t have a precise release date yet.

The developers have shared some screenshots, seen above, and a trailer, seen below. The team posted that they were looking for beta testers on Steam and offer that they “want to make sure the networking is solid before going live.” You can check that post out here to request a beta key.

Could this work? Maybe. It sounds like the game could either be absolutely hilarious or terribly awkward. I could imagine someone who thinks they’re hysterical “taking the stage” only to tank in front of an audience hell-bent on being mean.

Either way, this should be entertaining.