You’ve probably heard of Stagefright by now. It’s been in plenty of headlines since the vulnerability was discovered. Basically, Stagefright potentially allows a hacker to gain control of your system by sending a video file through MMS or Hangouts (though the risk varies depending on which method is used.)

Are you at risk? Chances are, yes, since it affects Android devices running Android 4.3 or newer. Thankfully, some manufacturers such as LG and Samsung are beginning to promise security patches. And, earlier this week, Google pushed out new builds for its Nexus products that should seal the hole shut.

But, if you want to see whether or not you’re at risk (again, you probably are) and whether or not you’re still at risk after an eventual patch arrives, then there’s a tool for that.

The app is called Stagefight Detector and it’s available in Google Play for free. Install it and the app will quickly run an analysis on your phone and let you know if you’re vulnerable to known Stagefright exploits.

I ran it on my LG G4 and, as expected, it’s vulnerable. Fingers crossed the patch comes soon. Check your phone by downloading the app in the source link below.