The multiplayer mode in EA Sports' upcoming relaunch of the SSX franchise will not feature a traditional game lobby, as the video above describes. Instead, players will be able to pop in and out of constantly consistent "global events" in order to register their score or time and move on.

There will be a more traditional, friends-only style of multiplayer available too. Custom events will be like global events, except players will be able to invite their friends and, wait for it, customize the minutiae of the game type. You'll be able to set gear restrictions, event styles, credit buy-in and amount of time the event will be up.

While abandoning the traditional lobby format in favor of something less conventional initially sounds like a crazy idea, given some time and thought, I actually like where SSX is headed. My friends and I have wildly different gaming schedules: some are around only at night, some can only game during afternoon hours and others are relegated to weekends. If ditching lobbies makes it possible for us to compete without playing at the exact same time, I'm in. And I know that, at least in my circle of friends, that flexibility will translate to sales.

What do you think of SSX and the way it looks to handle multiplayer? Would you rather a more traditional matchmaking and lobby system, or do you like the idea of competing in events on your own terms?

SSX will launch for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on February 28th, 2012. Who's getting it?

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