Most SSX fans should be riding a nostalgia high for the remainder of the day after watching the trailer embedded up above. The music featured behind the in-game footage and quotes of praise from game coverage publications is a remix of "Tricky," one of the most famous tracks in this snowboarding franchise's beloved history.

EA Sports is relaunching this franchise in what appears to be a massive way. There are said to be 27 mountains in the game built around NASA's data for nine different mountain ranges around the world.

I realize that I may represent a minority of gamers here, but I'm actually bummed that EA has not announced any form of skiing in this new SSX. SSX on Tour brought skiing to the all snowboarding brand, and I absolutely loved it. To see it dropped from this relaunch and ignored entirely so far has been disappointing.

Although, I wouldn't be at all surprised if EA announced skiing as DLC after the game launches.

SSX is set to ship for both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 platforms on February 28th of this year in North America. Europe won't see the game until March 2nd. Both of these dates were established a few weeks back when the game was slightly delayed.

We'll have more on the SSX relaunch as it comes.

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