The mid-month deal has gone live for the Games With Gold campaign on the Xbox 360. SSX is now free if you're a Gold subscriber.

SSX released two years ago, and it was supposed to be the glorious return to snowboarding underneath the SSX banner. They dropped the "Tricky" name, and along with that went a lot of the personality that made the other entries so much fun.

SSX tries too hard to be extreme with its crazy death drops and foreboding environments. People loved Tricky because its games were so audacious and over the top. SSX tried to fall somewhere in between zany and straightforward, and the tone never really clicked.

It is, however, the best snowboarding option from the previous console generation. If you're rocking an Xbox 360 and have that snow sport game itch, SSX can scratch it for free. For that reason alone, this is a good deal.

Man, when are we going to see the glorious return of snowboarding and skiing games for real? I miss them so much.