Square’s new NFC reader, first introduced in November, is now officially available in Apple Store locations, giving the company a new source of customers who might pick up the payment system while shopping for other small business goods, such as an iPad.

Square has become a hit among small companies looking to charge customers on the go – like vendors at artisinal markets, street fairs and concerts, and even small businesses, like coffee shops, that don’t want to pay for more expensive systems.

Square’s new NFC reader is more convenient than the original, allowing customers to make payments with a quick Apple Pay tap. It also supports competing services such as Android Pay. It’s also highly portable and exists as a simple puck that customers can tap when ready to make a payment. There’s also a magstripe reader included in the box, for folks who don’t plan to pay using their smartphone, and a slot on the side allows vendors to accept EMV (chip-based cards) for payments.

The new Square NFC reader is available in Apple Stores around the U.S., TNW said. Square’s official website still asks users to reserve units, and it’s not currently available on Apple’s website.