Square makes it easy for any business to accept credit cards. Now the company is rolling out a new feature this week that lets you offer running tabs for customers as well.

Open Tickets for Square Register does just that, keeping a running list of everything a customer orders with just a few simple taps. For businesses, it’s a lot easier than writing each order down and then adding them up at the end of the day. For customers, it’s also an extra incentive to spend more at your favorite local spot.

This is the kind of simple and obvious feature that makes us love Square. The company’s struggled a bit to keep up as competitors like Apple, Google and Samsung dive into the mobile payments market, but Square is still a popular option for small merchants and Square Cash is one of the best money transfer apps around.

Whether that’s enough to stay afloat remains to be seen, but for now we’re happy to see small improvements like these continue to roll out.