Square Enix New Project

Plenty of secrets to go around over the last few weeks from publishers across the board! Square Enix from Japan is the latest to jump in on the action with a new game being teased over on an official "secret" website.

The only hints that the graphic gives are two simple lines of writing. The first displays what looks like a word with a missing letter, "S_AR," and the second are four simple digits "0101." These are placed over a backdrop over a mountain range taken from space, and the project is called  "Square Enix New Project."

Speculate away! Square Enix is of course responsible for the Star Ocean series, which looks like it fits the missing word and the space-side view of a planet. The next game in the series is also going to be Star Ocean 5, and "0101" does represent 5 in binary coding. So we all know what that means! Half-Life 3 confirmed, guys?

I can safely say that it is not Dragon Quest VII, but we'll just have to wait until Monday, April 13 to find out its true nature. Square Enix will reveal the game then.