There you are, sitting – whether it's in the Las Vegas venue for the PlayStation Experience, or you're at home watching on Twitch. Square Enix comes out.

The logo comes on the screen: Final Fantasy VII.

"This is it," you think. "They're finally doing it!" Just as fast as you grew wings, though, Square Enix is ready to tear them off. In what seemed to be an engineered trolling, Square Enix announced at this weekend's PlayStation Experience that Final Fantasy VII is coming to PlayStation 4, but not how you think or want.

This isn't going to be Final Fantasy VII with graphics like that Advent Children movie from a few years back.

No, you're getting a port. This is the PC version of the game, the one available on Steam right now.

Whether you're laughing or weeping, Final Fantasy VII is heading to PlayStation 4 in Spring 2015, blocky hands and spikey hair included. Clip of the epic trolling via Kotaku.