A new trailer highlighting several of Square Enix’s largest Tokyo Game Show 2015 games ends with a schedule for its stage events on Sept. 19 and 20. Star Ocean, Final Fantasy XV, Dragon Quest Builders, Just Cause 3, and Dragon Quest X are all accounted for since they had already been announced to have stage events, but what’s that happening at 12:30 PM JST?

Well, it’s a secret to everybody! Nothing else, no hints or anything, have been given about what will happen at that time. Just the word “secret” there means we are allowed to wildly speculate and guess.

Could we be seeing more of Dragon Quest XI? The game has only been revealed in small clumps, and with all of Japan watching the show, it might be a decent chance to get more information out there. Or does Square Enix have an entirely new game that it plans to show off?

Only time will tell. Stay tuned for out Tokyo Game Show 2015 coverage from Sept. 17 to the 20.