Square Enix was the king of Tokyo Game Show 2014, sweeping the convention with a marvelous trailer for Final Fantasy XV and showing a true desire and horsepower to propel Japanese games to the forefront again. This year’s presentation will be a bit more subtle with only three games to show off and no sign of the company’s ambitious project, the Final Fantasy VII Remake.

First up is Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness, which will be playable for the first time at the show. You know I’ll be first in line to bring you thoughts when I’m covering the show. The long-overdue next entry in tri-Ace’s long running series has been garnering quite a bit of hype, so all eyes and fingers will be on it to see if it lives up.

The other hands-on demo will be a “Battle Challenge” event within Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward, most likely recruiting many players to take down a convention specific super-boss. Sounds exciting in that regard.

Square Enix will also close with a “special program” for Dragon Quest Builders, the PS Vita Minecraft clone it announced earlier this year. We’ve seen bits and pieces of it since its gameplay debut at Square Enix’s Dragon Quest press conference last month, and we’ll most likely be seeing a lot more if it is given center stage at the show like this.

Three original games, and for the first time in a while, Square Enix doesn’t have a remaster to show off. Keep in mind that these are only the announced games, so it very well might be that Final Fantasy XV, Dragon Quest XI, or the rumored Final Fantasy XII HD Remaster might turn up in some capacity. I doubt Square Enix is going to want to mention the Final Fantasy VII Remake again though this far in advance of its release.

Tokyo Game Show 2015 will run from Sept. 17-20, and as always, I’ll be on the floor bringing you updates and hands-on impressions.