Red Dead Showdown

A week or so ago, Square Enix announced that it would be hosting its own press conference this year at E3. That's new for the company as they typically just show up during console maker presentations.

Their show was set to kick off on Tuesday, June 16 at 9am PDT. Anyone who's attended and scheduled stuff for E3 over the last, like, decade will tell you that's Nintendo's block. Pretty much all press conference holders make their presentations on the same days and times every single year, so it's odd when something overlaps like this.

Well, Nintendo announced this year's Digital Direct presentation time. Wouldn't you know it? They're rolling at 9am PDT on Tuesday, June 16.

In light of that, Square Enix has backed their show up. The Square Enix E3 Conference for 2015 will start on June 16 at 10am PDT. There you have it. One hour later. The Nintendo showing should be over at the point, but the company will be switching over to Treehouse stuff.

Good move, Square Enix. No need to drain audiences.