It seems Square Enix might be interested in bringing its hack 'n slash action game Drakengard 3, known as Drag-On Dragoon 3 in Japan, to American shores after all. Despite being totally silent on the issue since its Japanese reveal, Square Enix has secured the domain name DrakengardGame.com, leading many to believe that an announcement might be imminent.

The series has never proven to be that popular with Western audiences, so it's a miracle that this might be happening at all. Don't expect too much mainstream marketing behind this one, because the content could be quite controversial, just like the previous two games in the series.

Let's just say even the most dastardly of Final Fantasy characters would shrivel in horror at the personalities Drakengard's warped cast has brought to the table in the past. Cid likes to smoke and Barret like to swear? Sephiroth stabs a flower girl in the back? Well, at least they aren't cannibals with questionable fantasies.

No, this is a release designated for the fans of Square Enix begging for something from its Japanese branch.

The first two games failed to blip on the radars of many, combining the massive battles of Dynasty Warriors with a fire breathing dragon from the skies and Square Enix's penchant for RPG mechanics. This new one ditches most of the gameplay ideas for a more traditional action game experience, but it could still be worth checking out.

That is, even if this means the game wil get released here. Square Enix has not mentioned the American release of Drakengard 3, nor is it 100% going to happen at this point. It's just nice to dream. Hopefully, the previous games will get a release on the PlayStation Store, but something tells me that Square Enix might not want them one-button push away from ruining a fragile teenager's weekend.

We'll keep an eye out for Drakengard 3, which could turn out to be one of Square Enix's last releases for the current generation consoles.