Project Octopath Traveler turned out to be a pretty sweet game from Square Enix, so now all eyes are focused on the company's latest "project." Square Enix's latest is code-named Project Prelude Rune, a full-fledged fantasy RPG for the PlayStation 4, created in tandem with former Tales producer Hideo Baba.

For those who don't remember, Square Enix straight-up poached Baba from the halls of Bandai Namco back in early 2017 to form a new studio called Studio Istolla. It slapped the producer with a CEO title and gave him complete creative control of a high-end RPG for the current generation of consoles.

Project Prelude Rune is the result of this world-shattering series of events, at least in the RPG world, and this trailer comes to us just a week before Tokyo Game Show 2018 kicks off.

Looking good, but this trailer comes with one huge caveat for me.

I've never actually been a fan of Hideo Baba's games. I know the Tales series enjoys a huge and dedicated fanbase spread throughout the world, but outside of the GameCube's Tales of Symphonia, the series has never really clicked with me.

I'll consider this a chance to see what Baba can do free from the constraints of Tales' light-hearted anime storytelling, but from what I see in the trailer, the graphic style and tone of his world don't seem that far removed from the series that made his career.

Expect to see more at Tokyo Game Show 2018, running from Sept. 19 to Sept. 23.