Another week, another high profile CEO leaves his video game company. This time, former Square Enix President and CEO Mike Fischer is the one who finds himself an ex-employee of his company, but the difference is that Fischer seems to have left at his own accord.

He will be taking over as vice president of digital Music and Video for Amazon in Japan.

Square Enix currently finds itself in a management shake-up after posting an enormous $135 million net loss after a rocky 2012. Much of the blame had been pointed at the "poor" sales of Square Enix's recent Western ventures in Tomb Raider, Hitman: Absolution, and Sleeping Dogs.

However, that is Square Enix Europe's territory, and Fischer declined to comment and stated he is leaving the company on good terms. Square Enix in LA heads up the mobile gaming in North America, and it is rumored Square Enix is slowly cutting this venture loose.

Much of this shakedown is occurring during Square Enix's 10 year Anniversary, which effectively began on April 1st. Looking at now and the past decade, what do you think about the merger? Would Square and Enix have been able to survive in this modern gaming world as separate entities? The romantic in me wants to believe so, but something tells me we would have lost at least one of them along the way.