Final Fantasy XV hasn’t even been released yet, and Square Enix is already gambling on its success with an incoming online related game. AnimeNewsNetwork dug up the job listing which reads “designing, development, and management planner for a new online game related to Final Fantasy XV.”

My gut reaction to this story was remembering Square Enix going head-first into a proposed decade of Ivalice and Fabula Nova Crystallis before Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XIII were even released. However, a few minutes of clear thinking rearranged my thoughts into this being just a single online spin-off and not an entire universe.

Sounds a lot more reasonable when you think of it like that, building from the ground up rather than from sky-high expectations to come crashing back down to Earth.

Still, it’s just like Square Enix and everybody else these days to capitalize on success that has yet to happen. I wonder what kind of game it is. My guess is that it is a free-to-play browser based game similar to Final Fantasy Agito in Japan on iOS and Android. Further hints of “online management, production of a game with fees, management experience, knowledge of game system calculations, as well as interest, curiosity, and/or experience with PC games” seem to hint as such.

Whatever it is, please Square Enix, remember, “baby steps.” You have a good thing going with slow-burn hype for Final Fantasy XV, and a lot of fans are excited for your game. Don’t ruin that by promising too much and under delivering again. A mobile spin-off is fine for the time being, but leave it at that while we wait to see how the actual main game turns out.

Final Fantasy XV will launch for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with no confirmed release window yet.