Great news for old time Square fans! Seiken Densetsu, better known as Mana in the States, is one of the company's oldest and most cherished franchises, and it sadly has been without a new entry for the past decade. With the 25th anniversary crawling closer and rumors circulating about its development, Square Enix has confirmed that "production" has been "decided" for a new Mana game.

The news comes on the tail end of a trailer for Rise of Mana, a free-to-play spin-off available only in Japan. Square Enix will be bringing back characters from the original Game Boy Seiken Densetsu title, known as Final Fantasy Adventure in North America, for a crossover event, but that should mean very little to Americans since the game has not yet crossed the ocean.

I'm a bit interested since Final Fantasy Adventure is one of my all-time favorites, but Rise of Mana just is too much of a pain to install.

At any rate, once the advertisement for Rise of Mana is over, the trailer flashes the real news at the :53 second mark. The original Seiken logo from the Game Boy days flies on screen, and the Japanese besides it translates into "Production Decided."

That's it. Nothing else has been made known yet. Is this a remake of the Game Boy original? Will it be better than the Game Boy Advance remake, Sword of Mana? Is this an entirely new game that falls more in line with Secret of Mana or Legend of Mana? We don't know anything yet, and we don't even know the platform it will be available for.

All we know is that Square Enix has decided on something, and that is enough to get the Internet talking. Consider my fingers armed and ready to rapid-fire speculate as we learn more.