Two years have passed since Final Fantasy VII Remake’s epic reveal at E3 2015, and we’ve yet to see any substantial footage or even get a hint about the nature of its episodic release schedule. From today, finally, it looks like Square Enix is ready to crack down and get its hands dirty in development.

On the company’s official website, the three main faces attached to the game, Producer Yoshinori Kitase, Director Tetsuya Nomura, and Development Leader Naoki Hamaguchi are advertising an all-out call to arms to hire a wave of developers for the project.

And their situation actually sounds quite dire and urgent.

According to Nomura, translated by Siliconera, the pool of quality programmers in Japan is running thin and they need all hands on deck to make this dream-game a reality.

As those of you concerned with the industry may already know, the number of domestic staff is significantly lower compared to that of foreign high-definition developers. Therefore, in order to further strengthen the development of this title, we must urgently recruit as much staff as possible.

Fans are torn as to whether this is good or bad news

The announcement comes as quite a shock to fans who have been anticipating the game for a long time. Of course, the project has seen progress behind the scenes, but many are taking this announcement as a major red flag that not all has been working smoothly. Two years since the reveal and a bulk of the team still has yet to be hired? That sounds more like a sluggish Kickstarter project than a fully funded JRPG.

Others are suggesting that Square Enix is merely done with all the prep work and ready to hit the grindstone with this project. It’s a sign that all is happening according to a deliberately planned schedule.

I’ll fall in between the two. Final Fantasy VII Remake is probably the most ambitious project that Square Enix has ever made, and everything going smoothly is a downright impossibility. I’ve always seen it as something of a vanity project, a pillar of the old, arrogant Square Enix that got dragged into this new age of gaming with them.

However, I won’t start casting this game as a lost cause with its head in the clouds just yet. Too much face would be lost if this were to tank outright, and Square Enix knows this better than anyone. If this recruitment blitz doesn’t turn out any footage in the next year though, then my suspicions will start to be raised.

Until then, this is just something that exists in the back of my mind.