We just had a long talk about our fabulous memories of Star Ocean: The Second Story over the weekend, and we were all rolling in the loving, warm nostalgia of such a beloved classic. And in the end, we concluded with hopes of the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita port released in Japan last October to someday make it stateside.

Unfortunately, those dreams were just dashed in an interview with Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness Producer Shuichi Kobayashi. Speaking with Siliconera, Kobayashi states that Square Enix has no plans to localize the port. However, he doesn’t close off all possibilities either.

Yamagishi-san he was the producer that created the PSP remake and released the PS4 and Vita version in Japan. After he released the remake he hasn’t really done anything for the West. At this moment, there are no plans to release that title in the West.

However, these are my personal thoughts and nothing has been decided yet, but since I am kind of rebooting the [Star Ocean] series I know that I can’t leave it alone. I would love to release it somehow. Maybe create a back catalog or have some way to purchase it because I know a lot of people and maybe even people who play this new title would want to play the older [Star Ocean] titles too.

I know we should probably do this. I don’t know if it will be me or Yamagishi-san again, but there should be a way to do this. There are no plans this moment, but I am thinking about it.

You’re right! It should not be left alone! The kids want to know why all of us old dudes were excited about a new Star Ocean game, but the latest game’s reception in the Western world doesn’t do our sentimental ramblings a whole lot of favors.

Besides, more Star Ocean: The Second Story in the world is a plus for everyone. If not the latest PS4 and PS Vita port, then how about at least a digital solution for the PSP version or even the PSOne classic? I’ll take anything at this point, just as long as I can play it on a Vita. Do it quickly before the executives see Integrity and Faithlessness’ Metacritic score.

Just remember, there was a time when Square Enix had no plans to bring Dragon Quest VII to the West, either. Fan demand led to the company changing that decision. Take to Twitter and Facebook and let Square Enix know we want this classic favorite available for all.