Square Enix recently updated its super fun JRPG World of Final Fantasy, which I think would be fabulous on the Switch by the way, but it doesn’t want you to actually use this update as intended.

Oh, it’s fine with you picking up Final Fantasy XII sweetheart Balthier and enjoying the game with fewer bugs, but one of the key additions to the patch is the ability to let players skip long summon animations. A quick press and hold of the circle button is all it takes to bring the lengthy scenes to an abrupt close, showing that Square’s animators haven’t learned a thing since Final Fantasy VII and VIII about excess.

The update indicates that Square Enix doesn’t actually want you to use this new function, and it guilt trips you into stopping.

Well played, Square Enix. I’ve sat through Eden more times than I care to remember

I played through Final Fantasy VIII earlier this year, and I didn’t even summon Eden once because I know how abusive its running length can be. It’s not quite as frustrating as messing up a maximized Boost at the last possible second, but still, sitting through that five or six times would have been rough.

Final Fantasy summon spells are always great the first time you see them, but they really do start to grind after sitting through them a dozen more. Nice call to make the addition. I do feel bad for the animators, but hey, they got paid.

World of Final Fantasy is available now for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita, and guess what! It’s a ton of fun! Seriously, Square Enix. This game would rule on the Nintendo Switch.