If you are like me and are enjoying Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn on the PlayStation 3, then you are currently spending a large chunk of your free time lost in a gorgeous HD fantasy world brimming with classic characters from Square Enix's iconic series. If you are unlike me and own a PlayStation 4, then there is a free upgrade waiting for you this week.

Square Enix is launching its next-gen build of the popular MMORPG, and if you already own the game on the PlayStation 3, your characters and files can be transferred to the PlayStation 4. You also won't have to pay for a new copy since the game will also be available for free whenever you are ready to download and install it.

The only downside to this deal is that once you access your PlayStation 4 version, there is no going back to the trusty PlayStation 3. You will be locked out of your previous version indefinitely. Not that it is a totally terrible thing. As much as I am enjoying the game on dated hardware, it can use a serious dose of help in the framerate and performance departments.

Another cool added bonus is that the PlayStation 4 allows is Remote Play on the Vita. Destructoid claims that while it is not ideal for raiding dungeons with friends, leveling up and questing solo is a lot of fun on the go, making this the first instance of Remote Play I genuinely want to try. Must… fight the… PlayStation 4 allure. Man, this game looks so amazing in that new trailer.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn goes live today on the PlayStation 4, and those who already own the PlayStation 3 version are in for a real treat. Fire up your PlayStation 4 and download it for free. An Eorzea beyond your wildest imagination awaits.

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