Square Enix took to the stage at PlayStation’s Tokyo Game Show press conference yesterday to show off a brand new model of the PlayStation 4 it is sponsoring.

And yes, I want it! This Final Fantasy XV inspired build of the console is called the “Luna Edition,” modeled after the moon which revolves around Noctis’ world. He’s often seen gazing at it in trailers and screenshots.

This model will retail for 39,890 yen (~$400) and it will come with Final Fantasy XV installed on it as well as a rental for the CG film Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV. It will be available when the game launches worldwide on Nov. 29.

No word yet if this version will be coming to North America or not, but rest assured that the PlayStation 4 is region-free. Importing this is a sure-fire way to get it.

Final Fantasy XV will also be coming to the Xbox One.