Final Fantasy XI is still alive and kicking! I promise, despite the closure of the PlayStation 2 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, the classic PC build is still up and running, and Square Enix is even taking the game into the mobile space with a make-over.

As announced last March, Square Enix has been plugging away at the new version Final Fantasy Grandmasters, which sports Unreal Engine 4 support on a smartphone. Screenshots from the Nexon Develops Conference, taken by Korean website Game Insight, give our first look into the new build. Doesn’t look that bad.

Still, there ain’t nothing like the real thing, and I hope Square Enix keeps the original Final Fantasy XI up and running while this new version simply complements it. Again, nobody wants to see a Final Fantasy game erased from history.

…unless it’s All The Bravest.

Details are still few and far between on this new Final Fantasy XI build, but we’ll be seeing more from Square Enix before the summer is out.