Dragon Quest VII

I'm not going to get my hopes up. I'm not going to get my hopes up. I'm not going to get my hopes up. I'm not going to get my hopes up.

Whew, that was close! I've already been burned once before when a Square Enix trademark for "Seeds of Salvation" panned out to be a Dragon Quest III mobile port rather than the actual Dragon Quest VII Nintendo 3DS remake. However, a new trademark from Square Enix has turned up which resembles the style belonging to Square Enix's longest running series.

The trademark for "Holey Heroes" does refer to it as "video game software" in its filing, and the possible subtitle does run along the tradition of Square Enix granting Dragon Quest goofy alliterations. Hands of the Heavenly Bride, Seeds of Salvation, Chapters of the Chosen, Luminaries of the Legendary Line. "Holey Heroes" kind of fits…

…and it kind of doesn't as well. The letter "H" is already spoken for from Dragon Quest V. It also comes off as a little too short and not as clever as the others. My guess is that it is for an iOS game of some kind and it might not even be a Dragon Quest game. I am totally saying that with the hopes that Square Enix proves me wrong again, as it seems to love to do with the Dragon Quest series.

Speculation on the title surrounds the idea that Dragon Quest VII involves diving into "holes"in the world to fix the past, but it's really more like magical rifts in time rather than genuine holes. It's about as much of a stretch as my previous belief that our heroes travel into the past to plant "seeds" for the "salvation" of the present.

The plot of Dragon Quest VII takes place in a world with only one populated island and an endless ocean. Our heroes find a way to travel back to the past to when continents existed, and they band together and slowly rebuild and repopulate the world by fixing each realm's unfortunate situation.

Dragon Quest VI has more to do with falling into holes on the world map anyway, so it could be that Square Enix just wants to re-brand its mobile port.

The speculation on the Dragon Quest VII remake is becoming very tired, but Square Enix's continuing non-committal attitude towards either bringing it over in English or the company shooting it dead enables it. Obviously, I would prefer the former to happen soon, but I don't think this is Dragon Quest VII even after a few mental aerobics. Square Enix can enjoy the revenue of its spiritual iOS mini golf game or whatever.

Just don't forget that a lot of fans are patiently awaiting liberation from the 3DS' region locking and really want to play that remake!