Despite its ridiculously cute and preppy presentation, Final Fantasy X-2 was a game far ahead of its time. It did “Final Fantasy direct sequels” before the practice became commonplace, charged forward with a roguelike mini-game before the genre became cool on the indie market, and it sped up the iconic series’ battle system to speeds that even the lightning fast modern games can’t match.

See what I did there?

But why was this game made? What drove Square Enix to finally break tradition and create a direct sequel to one of its most popular games?

Well, simply because it was a sequel to one of its most popular games, meaning lots of dollar signs were sure to follow a release. On a less cynical and more creative front, Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase spoke to Siliconera about why they decided to go ahead with this misunderstandingly wild and wildly misunderstood game.

“Traditionally, we would make a new world for each numbered Final Fantasy game. For [Final Fantasy X-2], it was a unique first time trial because we made such a rich story for Final Fantasy X and we wanted to build upon it. We didn’t want the story to end at X

The name of the game, Final Fantasy X-2… initially the name was not accepted in our internal meetings. Actually, in our staff meetings it was disapproved once! Instead of making it Final Fantasy XI because it was a story that built upon Final Fantasy X we wanted to call it Final Fantasy X-2.”

Some fans love Final Fantasy X-2 for its brilliant gameplay, both in the combat and job system elements of the game, and continued expansion of Spira, the beautiful tropical world which is inhabited in Final Fantasy X. Other fans disapprove of the Charlie’s Angels spin on the emotional and tragic tale of the first game and how it un-writes one of the most beautiful endings in video game history.

Kitase seems to believe that all love stories should come with happy endings.

“In the past, we would often focus on multiple protagonists. This style has its pros, but for Final Fantasy X we wanted specifically to focus on Tidus and Yuna to create a love story and show their inner emotions. The direction we took was to create a richer and more compelling story focused on these two characters.”

When asked who a potential Final Fantasy X-3 would focus on, Kitase gave a fan-favorite answer that certainly confirms nothing.

“There is a story about Auron and Braska who go on journey before the protagonists of Final Fantasy X. It would be interesting to focus on those characters as a contrast to the young and energetic Tidus and Yuna.”

Would you play Final Fantasy X-3? As much as I love the first two games, Spira and its protagonists have been done to death and back, figuratively and literally. I would much rather dive into a new world altogether, or at least get another chance to bumble around in Ivalice with a Final Fantasy XII International Zodiac Job System HD Remaster before rejoining my old friends from Final Fantasy X.

It would be a much better option than another Fabula Nova Crytallis game at least. Ugh, Final Fantasy XV can’t come and go fast enough.

Any love for Final Fantasy X-2? If you’ve never played it, you can experience both games on the new Final Fantasy X|X2 HD Remaster released this week for the PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

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