Square Enix is officially priming Final Fantasy XIII's principle character Lightning for yet another game. Final Fantasy XIII's entire key development team is back in the fray and has launched a new teaser website boldly stating they plan to take their creation's story in an entirely new direction.

Details for the game will be announced on September 1st during a 25th Anniversary celebration in downtown Tokyo.

Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2, re-dubbed The Lightning Saga, has shipped 9.6 million units worldwide, so it looks like Square Enix is more than ready to ride this commercial success out for an entire decade as promised, even if the games haven't been met with open arms like the rest of the series.

In that regard, 25 years of Final Fantasy you guys! Would you rather celebrate with another entry in the Lightning Saga or a brand new game featuring Chocobos, Moogles, Black Mages, Crystals and Airships? We've reached a point where the science fiction anime style of Final Fantasy has been around longer than the original shtick. Which is more appropriate for the occasion? What is Final Fantasy to you?

Tune in for more next week for Final Fantasy's 25th Anniversary.

[via The Verge]