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A new leak from Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has it that Square Enix is set to announce a new console RPG next month.

The leak has it that this not a remake from Square Enix. President Yosuke Matsuda was the one quoted in the story, and Kotaku has it from CS Blog that his lines went like this.

"Actually, right now, we are readying a new role-playing game for home consoles that isn't a remake…In December, we'll start with making an announcement…"

Matsuda even pointed towards other entirely separate titles in the pipe.

"To avoid misunderstanding, among the forthcoming titles that do not include the home consoles, there are also various games bound for smartphones and PC. There are titles studios outside Japan are developing, too…

…Starting early next year, I think we'll be announcing various types of titles…But at this stage, we cannot say which will be for home consoles or portables."

We're getting word of a console RPG from Square Enix that is not a remake next month, then. It could come from Japan, or we could see something at the PlayStation Experience set for Vegas in the first weekend of the month.

Either way, whenever news of whatever new game this is comes out, we'll have it for you.